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See below some of our frequentley asked questions, if your question hasn't been answered below feel free to give us a call. 

What parking is available at Gallerie Studio?

There are 3 parking bays in the front carpark and parking bays available underground, please refer to your booking email or contact reception for the underground parking access code.

How do I access the showroom from the underground carpark?

Follow the signs up the stairwell and through the front entry doors.

Is there disability access?

There is ramp access via 660 Lorimer St, as well as direct access via the rear of the building. Please contact reception if you need to arrange any assistance.

What are the opening hours for Gallerie Studio?

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4.30pm (By appointment only)

Saturday 8:30am to 3pm (By appointment only)

Can I visit Gallerie prior to my consult?

Yes, we highly recommend booking a Browse session on a Saturday. (By Appointment only.) Please contact reception for more information

What time will my appointment be and how long will it take?

Colour appointments generally start at 8:30am. Colour appointments typically take approximately 4-5 hours. However, the duration time of the appointments can vary depending on different factors, we advise clients to allow the whole day. 

Will pricing be provided during our appointment?

No, you will receive indicative pricing during the appointment. Your variation pricing is typically provided within 72 Hours following the appointment.

Are we allowed to bring our children?

We recommend arranging care for your children to give you the ability to focus on your appointment, however if this is not possible, we understand, and we have a kid’s room available for use during your appointment.

What is available in the area for lunch?

Gallerie provide lunch for our clients, along with tea and coffee. There is also a vending machine available for snacks.

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